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German as a Foreign Language - Deutsch als Fremdsprache

Do you know one of these situations?
  • Have you just moved to Germany in order to work for a German or international company, but you don't know enough of the language to accomplish your work as you would wish?
  • Do you work for a company which has business dealings with German speakers, and which expects you to fluently express yourself in the German language?
  • Have you recently hired foreign colleagues, who need to learn German quickly and effectively in order to perform their work?

Then we have the solution for you!

Take a crash course with Business Network e.K.. You can choose between:

  • Option 1 - Intensive Training
  • Option 2 - Intensive Training and lunch with one of your trainers
  • Option 3 - Intensive Training, lunch with one of your trainers, and an Evening Program, which gives you a total immersion experience.
  • Option 4 – Half Day Training
  • Option 5 – Half Day Training plus Lunch

We also offer beginners an intensive course which gives you the skills to understand and speak German in just two weeks!


Why Intensive Training?


We recognize that managers and business leaders have a tight time budget, so we offer Intensive Business Language Training beginning with courses as short as one-week long; our trainings serve to quickly and effectively learn a foreign language or refresh what you may have learned in school or past trainings.


Option 1:

A one-week training consisting of 40 lessons, each lesson lasting 45 minutes, conducted by two professional, experienced, native German speakers. We use recognized materials in a variety of media. In addition to the actual language training, emphasis is placed upon business vocabulary, phrases, idioms, etc. The training is held in our rooms in the centre of Siegen.


Option 2:

In addition to the actual course, you can choose to take your meals with one of your trainers. With this option, you go to a restaurant of your choice and eat together, never leaving the learning atmosphere, thus using the information you just learned in the training. You get instant real-life training. The lunch break also offers a range of situations including everyday German vocabulary which may not come up in class.


Option 3:

You can further extend the learning process by booking three evenings in which you and one of your trainers attend a sports event, a cultural event, or simply socialize in a bar or cafe. A total immersion of this kind gives you not only everyday and free-time vocabulary, but a glimpse into German culture, something almost impossible during class-time. These evening programs could include a theatrical play or a visit to a concert. You might decide to play a game of tennis or golf.

You choose a program from a wide variety of activities.

If your schedule does not allow for full-time language training, we also offer half-day trainings. That means that you study German for four hours each day, morning or afternoon.


Would you like to do an Intensive Program with us?


Here you will find a fax form to register for a Business Network Intensive Program. You can choose between the three options:

  • Training (Option 1)
  • Training plus Lunch (Option 2)
  • Training plus Lunch plus the Evening Program (Option 3)
  • Half-day Training (Option 4)
  • Half-day Training plus Lunch (Option 5)

As soon as we receive your registration we will contact you by telephone or e-mail.

If you already have some experience with the German language we will estimate your current level of proficiency with a multiple-choice assessment test. We will also conduct a goal discussion in order to create a tailor-made training for you.